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From The Heart: A Letter From Our Pastor

Victor Montalvo, Lead Pastor

I was laying in a hospital bed with Covid, fighting for my life. I prayed, "God, whatever you want to do with me, however you want to use me, please just use me maximally. Spend me. I want my life to be poured out for you."

That's when this journey began.

A vision for a new approach to church stirred in my heart, as I laid there on the hospital bed. I immediately put it on the shelf. "God, you're going to have to make this happen."

And He did.

A short time later, after I was fully recovered, my pastor confirmed God's leading. God wouldn't leave me alone. I kept praying and kept turning it back over to Him. He kept confirming and filling my heart with a vision of a church that was designed to make reproducing disciples in life- giving community.

Imagine a life-giving home engaged with their neighbors in every neighborhood in Orlando. Imagine if the church left the building and moved into their neighborhood?

Jesus called us to make disciples, not good church attenders. We value attendance but we value discipleship, our transformation into the image of Christ, infinitely more.

We envision a missionary on every block... (intentionally loving their neighbors and making disciples) ...and an Inspiration House in every neighborhood. Think Sunday Dinner. These are reproducing Gospel communities, with people who love, laugh, cry, eat, serve and grow together in pursuit of abiding in Christ, walking in the Spirit and living on mission.

Our vision is to plant a Missionary on every block and an Inspiration House in every neighborhood in Metro Orlando and beyond.

These Inspiration Houses will gather in Hubs (think Family Reunion) for worship, equipping, sharing in the sacraments, and celebrating life and transformation together.
The hubs will exist to support the houses in reaching their neighborhoods by connecting to a broader mission and community, while providing logistics, resources, training, encouragement, coaching, spiritual and oversight.

The brokenness of our world is not new. Power, greed, racism, corruption, division, loneliness, poverty, isolation and all of the darkness has already been addressed...

Jesus gave us the Spirit empowered Church!

If we will intentionally follow the footsteps of Jesus, guiding others to join us and live in loving and joyful community, we can't help but change the world around us!

We are prayerfully recruiting an amazing team
to serve Orlando together.